Wilderness Diaries

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The Wilderness Diaries involve completing a set of challenges in 1 of 4 difficulties. To receive the rewards and benefits you must have completed the prior diary.

Completing each set of tasks offers increasingly beneficial rewards along with a unique item.


Cast Low Alchemy at the Fountain of Rune21 magic, Alchable
Enter the Wilderness from the Ardougne or Edgeville Levern/a
Pray at the Chaos Temple in level 38 Wildernessn/a
Enter the Chaos AltarChaos Talisman or Abyss
Kill a mammoth (11-12 Wilderness)Weapon, Food
Kill an earth warrior in the Wilderness beneath Edgeville15 Agility, Weapon, Food
Restore some prayer points at the Demonic Ruinsn/a
Enter the King Black Dragon Lairn/a
Collect 5 red spider eggs from the Wildernessn/a
Mine some iron in the Wilderness15 Mining, Pickaxe
Have the Mage of Zamorak teleport you to the AbyssEnter the Abyss
Equip any team cape in the wildernessAny Team cape
Wilderness Easy Diary


  • Wilderness Sword 1 (100% success slashing webs)
  • Antique Lamp (2,500 experience in any skill over 30)
  • Wilderness level can teleport player to Edgeville or Ardougne
  • 10 random free runes from Lundail once per day


Mine some mithril ore in the Wilderness55 Mining, Pickaxe
Chop some yew logs from an ent61 Woodcut, Rune axe or better
Enter the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon60 Agility or 60 Strength
Complete a lap of the Wilderness Agility Course52 Agility
Kill a green dragonAnti-dragon shield, Weapon, Food
Kill an ankou in the WildernessWeapon, Food
Charge an earth orb60 Magic, Unpowered Orb, 30 Earth and 3 Cosmic runes
Kill a bloodveld in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon50 Slayer, Weapon, Food, God equipment
Talk to the Emblem Trader in Edgeville about emblemsn/a
Smith a gold helmet in the Resource AreaBetween a Rock.., 7500 coins, 3 gold bars, hammer
Open the muddy chest in the Lava MazeMuddy key, Knife or slash weapon
Wilderness Medium Diary


  • Wilderness Sword 2
  • Antique Lamp (7,500 experience in any skill over 40)
  • 15% increased chance of successful yield from ents
  • 20% off entry to Resource Arena (6,000 gp)
  • Can hold 4 ecumenical keys at a time
  • 20 random free runes from Lundail once per day
  • Acess to the Deep Wilderness Dungeon shortcut (46 Agility is required)


Cast one of the 3 God spells against another player in the WildernessThe Mage Arena, 60 Magic, God Staff and corresponding runes
Charge an air orb66 magic, Unpowered Orb, 30 air and 3 Cosmic runes
Catch a black salamander67 hunter, Small fishing net, Rope
Smith an adamant scimitar in the Resource AreaHammer, 6000 coins, 2 Adamantite bars
Kill a lava dragon and bury the bones on Lava Dragon IsleAnti-dragon shield, Weapon, Food
Kill a chaos elementalWeapon, Food
Kill the Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic & ScorpiaWeapon, Food
Take the agility shortcut from Trollheim into the Wilderness64 agility
Kill a spiritual warrior in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon68 Slayer
Fish some raw lava eel in the Wilderness53 Fishing, Oily fishing rod, fishing bait, slash weapon or knife
Wilderness Hard Diary


  • Wilderness Sword 3
  • Antique Lamp (15,000 experience in any skill above 50)
  • One free Fountain of Rune teleport per day
  • 50% more lava shards per lava scale
  • Lava Dragon Isle shortcut (74 Agility required)
  • Lava Maze shortcut (82 Agility required)
  • Can have 5 ecumenical keys at a time
  • 30 random free runes from Lundail per day
  • Ability to choose destination when teleporting through Ancient Obelisks
  • Noted Wine of Zamorak in the Chaos Temple and Deep Wilderness Dungeon


Fish some raw lava eel in the WildernessWeapon, Food
Teleport to GhorrockDesert Treasure, 96 Magic, 8 Water and 2 Law runes
Fish and cook a dark crab in the Resource Area85 Fishing, 90 Cooking, Lobster pot, Dark fishing bait, 3750 coins
Smith a rune scimitar from scratch in the Resource Area85 Mining, 90 Smithing, Any pickaxe, Hammer, 3750 coins
Steal from the Rogues’ Castle Chest84 Thieving
Slay a spiritual mage inside the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon83 Slayer, 60 Agility or 60 Strength
Cut and burn some magic logs in the Resource Arena75 Woodcutting, 75 Firemaking, Any woodcutting axe, Tinderbox, 3750 coins
Wilderness Elite Diary


  • Wilderness Sword 4
  • Unlimited teleports to the Fountain of Rune
  • Antique lamp (50,000 experience in any skill over 70)
  • Free entry to the Resource Area
  • All dragon bone drops in the Wilderness are noted (exluding King Black Dragon)
  • 50 random free runes from Lundail once per day
  • Increased dark crab catch rate


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