White pearl

The white pearl can be obtained by picking thorny bushes located on top of White Wolf Mountain, next to a gnome glider.

The white pearl can be eaten, healing 2 hitpoints, and when eaten, a message will say “You eat the White Pearl and spit out the seed when you’re done. Mmm, tasty.” The remnants of the fruit will become a white pearl seed. The White pearl seed is needed during the Mountain Daughter quest.

In order to pick the white pearl, the player must be equipped with a set of gloves, excluding these:
, After the quest this may no longer be picked.

If you try to obtain two, a message says “No need, you already have one of these.” If you try to obtain two, using the drop trick, a message will yield “One piece of the White Pearl fruit is enough for you.” If you have a seed in your inventory, and you try to pick a fruit, a message reads “You’re content with having the seed of the fruit.” If you try to get two seeds you will get a message saying “One seed should be enough.” You are able to get extras with the use of the telekinetic grab spell.