Unidentified Fossils

Quick Facts

High Alchemy60
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeNo
Buy Limitn/a
POH StorageNo
OtherBone Voyage
(Fossil Island)

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Unidentified Fossils come in different size sets which can be obtained while training on Fossil Island.

They must be cleaned and collected before the full set can be traded to the Varrock Museum for antique lamps.

Peter will award players 5 unidentified fossils for helping reconstruct the Museum Camp.

You can also trade these fossils to the Fossil Collector who will pay 100 numulites.

Unidentified small fossils will give the player a small fossilized limb, spine, ribs, pelvis, or skull.

Unidentified medium fossils will yield medium limbs, spine, ribs, pelvis, or skull.

Unidentified large fossils will grant a player either an identified large fossil or a plant fossil. A plant fossil might be a fossilized root, stump, branch, leaf, or mushroom.

Unidentified rare fossils will give the player a rare fossilized limb, spine, rib, pelvis, skull, or tusk.

Unidentified plant fossils consist of root, stump, branch, leaf, and mushroom fossils.

When a player has received a full set of fossils, they can be traded in at the Varrock Museum in exchange for an antique lamp. The amount of experience gained from the lamp depends on the set of fossils.

Cleaning Guide

Players must first build the cleaning bench found east of the Museum Camp by using five planks and five nails while having both a hammer and saw in their inventory. This will grant 100 construction experience.

To clean fossils, players must use the unidentified fossil on the bench while wearing leather boots, leather gloves, a trowel, rock pick, and a specimen brush.

Players can also perform this action at the Varrock Musseum.


Drop Sources

Volcanic Minen/a15/175
Underwater Thievingn/a16/175
Bowl of Fishn/a12/175
Drift Netn/a13/175
Digging in soiln/a11/175
Deranged Archaeologist2761Uncommon
Ancient Wyvern2101Uncommon
Spitting Wyvern1391Uncommon
Taloned Wyvern1471Uncommon
Long-tailed Wyvern1521Uncommon
Ancient Zygomite1091Uncommon
Tar Monster1321Uncommon
Hoop Snake191Rare
Ammonite Crab251Rare

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