Medium Emote Clues

Emote clues require the player to equip specific items and then perform an emote in a particular location. After the task has been completed, Uri will appear to give the player the next clue.

The specific items must be warn. If trimmed armour is called for, gold-trimmed armour will not work.

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

Tai Bwo Wannai

Beckon in Tai Bwo Wannai with green d’hide chaps, a ring of dueling, and a mithril med helmet equipped. Then bow.

Shayzien Combat Ring

Beckon in the combat ring of Shayzien with adamant platebody, adamant full helmet, and adamant platelegs equipped. Then use the anger emote.

Edgeville General Store

Cheer inside the Edgeville general store with a brown apron, leather boots, and leather gloves equipped. Then dance.

Catherby Range Shop

Cry at the Catherby ranging shop while wearing blue gnome boots, a hard leather body, and an unblessed silver sickle. Then bow.

Draynor Village Jail

Cry at the Draynor Village Jail while wearing an adamant sword, a sapphire amulet, and an adamant plateskirt. Then jump for joy.

Shantay’s Awning

Dance a jig under Shantay’s Awning while wearing a bruise blue snelm, an air staff, and a bronze square shield. Then bow.

Dark Caves

Dance in the dark caves under Lumbridge Swamp then blow a kiss. Equip an air staff, bronze full helmet, and an amulet of power.

TzHaar Sword Shop

Jump for joy by the TzHaar swod shop then shrug. Wear a steel longsword, blue d’hide body, and blue mystic gloves.

Catherby Bank

Spin on the bridge near Barbarian Village then solute. Equip purple gloves, a steel kiteshield, and a mithril full helmet.


Think in the center of the observatory then spin. Wear a mithril chainbody, green d’hide chaps, and a ruby amulet.


Beckon in the digsite by the eastern winch with a green hat, snakeskin boots, and an iron pickaxes equipped. Then bow.

Barbarian Agility Arena

Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow, and a Wilderness cape and cheer in the Barbarian Agility Arena. Then headbang.

Ogre Pen

Cheer inside the Ogre Pen at the Training Camp while wearing a green d’hide body and chaps with a steel square shield. Then use the angry emote.

Seers Court House

Equip an adamant halberd, blue mystic robe bottom, and a diamond ring then clap in the Seers court house. Then spin.

Catherby Beach

Cry on the shore of Catherby beach while wearing an adamant square shield, a bone dagger, and a mithril platebody. Then laugh.

Gnome Agility Arena

Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging, and green d’hide chaps then cry on top of the western tree in the Gnome Agility Arena. Then the no emote.

Canifis Bow

Dance in the centre of Canifis Bow and equip a green gnome robe top, mithril platelegs, and an iron two-handed sword.

Yanile Bank

Jump for joy inside the Yanile Bank then dance jig with a brown apron, adamant medium helm, and snakeskin chaps equipped.

Morytania Mausoleum

Panic by the mausoleum in Morytania then wave. Equip a mithril plateskirt and a maple longbow.

Castle Wars

Yawn then shrug in the Castle Wars lobby with a ruby amulet, mithril scimitary, and a Wilderness cape equipped.