Master Emote Clues

Emote clues require the player to equip specific items and then perform an emote in a particular location. After the task has been completed, Uri will appear to give the player the next clue.

The specific items must be warn. If trimmed armour is called for, gold-trimmed armour will not work.

Beware of double agents when completing master emote clues.

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

K’ril Tsutsaroth’s Chamber

Blow a kiss from outside K’ril Tsutsaroth’s chamber and equip a Zamorak full helmet and the shadow sword.

Entrana Church

Cheer at the Entrana Church and equip a set full of black d’hide armour.

Magic Axe Hut

Clap inside the magic axe hut wearing flared trousers. A lock pick is required to gain access.

King Black Dragon’s Lair

Dance in the King Black Dragon’s lair. Equip a black d’hide body, black d’hide vambraces, and a black dragon mask.

Barrow’s Chest

Do a jig near the barrow’s chest with any full barrow’s set equipped.

Goblin Village

Perform the goblin salute in the goblin village. Equip a bandos platebody, brandos cloak, and a bandos godsword.


Jump for joy in the center of Zul-Andra and equip a dragon 2-handed sword, bandos boots, and obsidian cape.

Wise Old Man

Perform the anger emote at the wise old man and equip an abyssal whip, a legend’s cape, and spined chaps.

Kourend Catacombs

Slow your head in the center of Kourend catacombs and equip the arclight and an amulet of the damned.

Enchanted Valley

Stamp in the enchanted valley west of the waterfall and equip a dragon axe.

Castle Drakan

Wave while on the northern wall of the Castle Drakan and wear a dragon square shield, splitbark body, and any boater hat.

Warrior Guild’s Bank

Blow a raspberry at the bank in the Warrior’s guild with a dragon battleaxe, a dragon defender, and a slayer helmet equipped.

Lord Iorwerth

Bow near Lord Iorwerth and equip a new imbued crystal bow,

Tzhaar Gem Shop

Cry inside the Tzhaar gem store with a fire cape and a TokTz-Xil-Ul equipped.

Iban’s Temple

Dance within Iban’s temple and equip Iban’s staff, a black mystic top, and a black mystic bottom.

Warrior’s Guild Bank

Do a push up inside the bank located in the Warrior’s guild. Equip a dragon battleaxe, a dragon defender, and a slayer helmet.

Death Altar

Flap at the death altar and equip a death tiara, a legend’s cape, and a ring of wealth.

Lava Dragon Isle

Panic by the big egg on the east side of Lava Dragon Isle and equip a dragon med helmet, a Toktz-Ket-Xil, a brine sabre, rune platebody, and an uncharged amulet of glory.

Statue of Saradomin

Show your anger towards the Statue of Saradomin inside of Ellamaria’s garden and equip a zamorak godsword.

Soul Altar

Spin in front of the Soul altar and equip a dragon pickaxe, helm of neitiznot, and rune boots.


Swing a bullroarer on top of the watchtower and equip a dragon plateskirt, climbing boots, and a dragon chainbody.

Pyramid Plunder

Yawn inside the 7th room of Pyramid Plunder with a pharoah sceptre and a full set of menaphire robes equipped.