Hot/Cold Clues (Zeah)

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

Located next to the bank in the Lovakengj House blast mine.

Found in the northern part of the Lovakengh House blast mine.

Found next to the lovakite furnace in the Lovakengj House.

Located next to the mithril rock in the Lovakengj mine.

Located western entrance in the Lovakengj House’s sulphur mine.

Located south-east of the bank in the Shayzien House.

Found on the overpass between the Lovakengj and Shayzien houses.

Located east of the ladder within Lizardman Canyon. Required: 5% favour with the Shayzien House.

Found south-east of the combat ring at Shayzien House.

Located north-west of the bank in the Shayzien House.

Found north-west of the Arceuus House library.

Located by the entrance of the Arceuus House church.

Found west of the Dark Altar.

Located by the southern entrance to the Arceuus House.

Found by the Arceuus essense mine.

Found north-east of the Arceuus essence mine.

Located south of the Piscarilius mine.

Located south of The Golden Field tavern in the northern area of Great Kourend’s Hosidius House.

Found east of the mess hall.

Found south of Watson’s house.

Located north ov Vannah’s farm store between the chicken coop and willow trees.