Hot/Cold Clues (Kandarin)

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

Found north-west of the Sinclair mansion by the log balance shortcut.

Found near a small rock formation between the bank and beehives on Catherby.

Found just east of the Terrorchick gnome enclosure by the Grand Tree.

Located between the Seers’ Village bank and Camelot.

Found in McGrubor’s Wood.

Found south of the Fishing Guild.

Located outside of Witchaven west of Jeb, Holgart, and Caroline.

Found on the ground floor of the Necromancer tower.

Found south of the Fight Arena and north-west of the Nightmare Zone.

Located in the Tree Gnome village near the general store icon.

Located at the grave of Scorpius.

Found in the small ruins south of track Gnome 2 at th e Khazard Battlefield.

Found near the staircase outside of the civic office in West Ardougne.

Located south-west of the Tree Gnome stronghold.

Found south of the Tree Gnome stronghold and north-easy of the outpost.

Found south-east of Almera’s house at Baxtorian Falls.

Locationed inside the Barbarian agility course. RequireD: Alred Grimhand’s Barcrawl