Hot/Cold Clues (Fremennik Province)

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

Located within the mountain camp.

Found at the Rellekka hunter area located by the hunter icon.

Located west of the Keldagrim entrance mine.

Found outside the fence in the south-western corner of Rellekka.

Located south-east of the lighthouse.

Found by the southern staircase inside Etceteria’s castle.

Located outside of Miscellania’s courtyard.

Found on the Central Fremennik Isles’ mine.

Found on the West Fremennik Isles’ mine.

Located west of the Jatizso mine entrance.

Located on Pirates’ Cove.

Located by the Astral Altar which can be found on Lunar Isle.

Found on Lunar Isle inside the village.

Found on Lunar Isle north of the village.