Hard Emote Clues

Emote clues require the player to equip specific items and then perform an emote in a particular location. After the task has been completed, Uri will appear to give the player the next clue.

The specific items must be warn. If trimmed armour is called for, gold-trimmed armour will not work.

Beware of double agents when completing hard emote clues.

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

Kharazi Jungle

Beckon on the east coast of Kharazi Jungle. Equip any vestment stole and heraldic rune shield.

Fishing Guild

Enter the Fishing Guild bank and blow a raspberry. Equip an elemental shield, blue d’hide chaps, and a rune warhammer.

Agility Pyramid

Cheer on top of the agility pyramid. Wear a blue mystic robe top, and any of the rune heraldic shields.

Exam Center

Headbang in the exam center with a mystical fire staff, a diamond bracelet, and rune boots equipped.

White Wolf Mountain

Panic by the pilot located on White Wolf Mountain with mithril platelegs, a ring of life, and a rune axe equipped.

Haunted Woods

Panic at the heart of the Haunted Woods without any gear.

Mess Hall

Salute in the center of the mess hall. Equip a rune halberd, rune platebody, and an amulet of strength.

Zamorak Temple

Shrug inside the Zamorak Temple located in the Eastern Wilderness with rune platelegs, an iron platebody, and blue d’hide vambraces equipped.

Shilo Village

Blow a kiss between the tables at the Shilo Village bank. Wear a blue mystic hat, bone spear, and rune platebody.


Bow at the top of the lighthouse and equip a blue d’hide body and blue d’hide vembraces.


Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem. Equip a ring of life, an uncharged amulet of glory, and an adamant two-handed sword.


Dance a jig at Jiggig with a rune spear, rune platelegs, and any rune heraldic helmet.

Jokul’s Tent

Laugh inside Jokul’s tend in the Mountain Camp and equip a rune full helmet, blue d’hide chaps, and a fire battlestaff.

Wilderness Volcano

Panic on the Wilderness volcano bridge with any headband and crozier.

Banana Plantation

Salute at the banana plantation with a diamond ring and a amulet of power equipped.

Rogues’ General Store

Shrug inside the rogues’ general store with an adamant square shield, blue d’hide vambraces, and a rune pickaxe.