Elite Emote Clues

Emote clues require the player to equip specific items and then perform an emote in a particular location. After the task has been completed, Uri will appear to give the player the next clue.

The specific items must be warn. If trimmed armour is called for, gold-trimmed armour will not work.

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

Lava Maze

Blue a kiss inside the heart of the lava maze and equip black d’hide chaps, a spotted cape, and a rolling pin.

Shadow Dungeon

Cheer inside the Shadow Dungeon and equip a rune crossbow, climbing boots, and any mitre.

Fishing Platform

Dance while standing on the fishing platform with barrows gloves, an amulet of glory, and a dragon med helm equipped.

Neitiznot Rune Rock

Jump for joy while at the Neitiznot rune rock and equip rune boots, a proselyte hauberk, and a dragonstone ring.

Ancient Cavern

Jump for joy inside the Ancient Cavern and have a granite shield, splitbark body, and any rune heraldic helm equipped.

Snow Flowers

Panic by the Trollweiss flowers after sledding down the mountain. Equip blue d’hide vambraces, a dragon spear, and a rune plateskirt.

Warriors’ Guild

Salute while in the Warriors’ Guild bank and equip a black salamander.


Yawn on top of Trollheim and equip a lava battlestaff, black d’hide vambraces, and a mind shield. Requires Elemental Workship 1/2 and parts of Troll Stronghold.

Legend’s Guild

Bow at the ground floor of the Legends’ Guild with a legend’s cape, dragon battleaxe, and an amulet of glory equipped.

Edgeville Monastery

Bow with a completed prayer book upstairs in the Edgeville monastery.

Slayer Tower

Headbang at the top of the Slayer Tower and equip a seercull, combat bracelet, and a helm of neitznot.

Fight Arena

Equip a pirate bandana, a dragonstone necklace, and a magic longbow and headbang in the Fight Arena.

Fountain of Heroes

Laugh by the fountain of heroes and wear splitbark legs, dragon boots, and a rune longsword.

Gem Store

Laugh in front of the gem shop at Ardougne market and equip a castlewars bracelet, a dragonstone amulet, and a ring of forging.

Shayzien Command Tent

Shrug inside the Shayzien command tend and equip a blue mystic robe bottom, a rune kiteshield, and any of the Bob shirts.


Equip a dragon spear and red d’hide chaps and apin in the West Ardougne church.