Elite Anagrams

An anagram is a string of letters which are to be rearranged to form another word, name, or phrase. The answer to a Treasure Trail anagram is always the name of an NPC.

This is a part of our OSRS Treasure Trails Guide.

LocationChallenge Answer
At HergRegathSoutheastern corner of Great Kourend’s Arceuus House in Zeah, in the General Store.25
Career In MoonOneiromancerAstral altar on Lunar Isle.25
Cool NerdOld CroneEast of the Slayer Tower.619
Dr HitmanMandrithOutside the Wilderness Resource Area.28, Puzzle box, or Light box.
Ladder Memo GuvGuard VemmeldoBank east of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.3
Majors Lava Bads AirAmbassador AlvijarNorth-east Dorgesh-Kaan, upper floor, just south of the house with the quest symbol. (You must complete Another Slice of H.A.M. before attempting).2505
Machete ClamCam the CamelJust outside the gates of the Duel Arena, Camulet not required.6
No OwnerOronwenLletya Seamstress shop in Lletya.20
Or Zinc Fumes WardWizard FrumsconeDownstairs in the Wizards’ Guild (requires 66 Magic to enter, boosted).Puzzle box
Our Own NeedsNurse WoonedShayzien House infirmary, north of Xeric’s Look out.19
Snakes So I SailLisse IsaaksonNeitiznot2
Unleash Night MistSigli the HuntsmanRellekka302