Throne Room

For a list of all items and upgrades within the Construction skill, see Construction/All milestones.

A throne room is a room that is used to ‘rule’ a player-owned house, and can be built at level 60 Construction with 150,000 coins.
The throne room has only one entrance, but perhaps two exits.

There are 7 Hotspots available:
, The player may sit on the throne. Note that building any of these thrones will make both thrones appear in both spots.

The lever, if pulled, can trigger the centre trap that is in this throne room.

It can also be used by the house owner to set challenge mode and activate the house dungeon monsters and traps, and to set the dungeon PvP mode, which also activates the dungeon monsters and traps in addition to allowing players to fight each other in any room underground.

If players die in the house, they will not lose any items.

There are several different types of traps in this room. The steel cage trap only traps your opponents in the cage, a trapdoor can drop opponents into an oubliette, if there is one below the throne room, a lesser magical cage can hold opponents, drop them into an oubliette, or released, and a greater magical cage can do all of the above except it can also expel and teleport those caught in the trap.

The trapdoor gives access to the oubliette, if there is one below the throne room. Only the house owner may use this. The floor Trapdoor is different from these trapdoor as it functions as a trap. The trapdoor is tied with the oubliette’s ladder – for example building an Oak trapdoor will always produce a pairing oak ladder in the oubliette, and removing either will remove both the trapdoor and ladder.

These are only used for sitting and watching. The two bench hotspots here are the same as in the dining room, so the same flatpacks can be used.

Decorations are hung on walls, and are purely for aesthetic purposes. The ‘shield’ class of decorations will reflect the family crest told to you by Sir Renitee, the Falador Herald.

To build all the furniture in this room to its highest level requires 29 magic stones, 26 mahogany planks and 8 gold leaves.