Swamp lizard

The swamp lizard is a two handed Ranged weapon. It requires a level of 30 Ranged, Magic and Attack to wield. To be operated, the swamp lizard requires its requisite fuel, guam tar.

Despite being able to perform Magic and Ranged attacks, this weapon requires the user to be in the opponent’s melee distance to attack, potentially reducing the practicality of the two attack styles.

With 29 Hunter swamp lizards may be obtained by trapping swamp lizards using net traps or buying them from other players.

When using the Scorch (Slash) and Blaze (Magic) attack styles, the attack speed is 5. When using the Flare (Range) attack style, the attack speed is 4, which is similar in concept to the Rapid style of most ranged weapons.

In its melee mode, the swamp lizard has a chance of inflicting poison starting at 6 damage.

The swamp lizard has a magic strength bonus of 56. The max hit in magic mode can be calculated using the following formula, where “Magic” is your visible magic level: