Quick Facts

Construction27, 48, 67, 82, 97
RoomDungeon, Quest, Skill Halls
HotspotRug or Stair
UseFloor Access

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Staircases can be built within the rug or stair spaces found in the dungeon, quest hall, and skill hall. Stairs allow players to move up or down a floor in the player-owned house.


In addition to the required materials, you must also have a saw and hammer in inventory.

Oak Staircase (680 experience)
27 construction
10x oak planks
4x steel bars

Teak Staircase (980 experience)
48 construction
10x teak planks
4x steel bars

Limestone Spiral Staircase (1,040 experience)
67 construction
10x teak planks
7x limestone bricks

Marble Staircase (3,200 experience)
82 construction
5x mahogany planks
5x marble blocks

Marble Spiral Staircase (4,400 experience)
97 construction
10x teak planks
7x marble blocks


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