Spirit shield

The spirit shield is obtained as a drop from the Corporeal Beast. It requires 45 Defence and 55 Prayer to wield.

Stats-wise, this unblessed spirit shield is comparable with the Rune kiteshield and the Obsidian shield, arguably being somewhere in between, along with carrying no attack penalties for ranged and magic users.

The Spirit shield can be combined with a Holy elixir to make a Blessed spirit shield. The Blessed spirit shield can then be modified by attaching Spirit sigils to create the enhanced spirit shields.

There are three other enhanced versions of the shield:
, They all require 75 Defence (the exception being the Blessed spirit shield which requires 70 Defence) and have Magic and Prayer requirements depending on the type of sigil attached. The Arcane and Spectral spirit shields require only 70 Prayer and 65 Magic, while Elysian spirit shields require 75 Prayer.

The shield is slightly less powerful than a Rune kiteshield in terms of slash, stab, and Ranged defence, but it surpasses even the Dragon sq shield in crush defence, has no negative attack bonuses, and adds +1 Prayer and +1 Magic defence. It is also recommended that rangers or mages use this shield as it is fairly strong and does not reduce your Ranged or Magic attack bonuses.