Slayer’s Staff

Quick Facts

Requirements50 Magic,
55 Slayer
High Alchemy12,600
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit70
StoreSlayer Master
POH StorageNo


The slayer’s staff is magic weapon that requires level 50 magic and 55 slayer to wield. This staff can autocast the magic dart spell, crumble undead, and the wave/surge spells. It can be purchased from any of the slayer masters.


The slayer’s staff (e) is an upgraded version that requires 75 magic to wield but also increases the power of magic dart for 2,500 casts when fighting current slayer tasks.

To upgrade players will need a slayer’s enchantment. This can be bought from the general exchange or found as a drop while on a wilderness task for Krystilia.

Stat Bonuses

+7 stab attack
-1 slash attack
+25 crush attack
+12 magic attack
+2 stab defense
+3 slash defense
+1 crush defense
+10 magic defense
+35 strength