Slayer Ring

Quick Facts

RequirementsRing Bling
High Alchemy600
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeNo
Buy Limitn/a
POH StorageNo

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The slayer ring allows players to teleport to five distinct slayer destinations and communicate with slayer masters.


Players with 75 crafting and the Ring Bling unlock can use an enchanted gem, a gold bar, and a ring mold with a furnace to produce a slayer ring. Each ring grants 15 crafting experience.

The ring can be purchased directly from any of the slayer masters with slayer reward points which are earned by completing slayer tasks. Each ring will cost a player 75 points. However, the ring’s blueprint can be purchased for a one-time cost of 300 points.

Each ring has eight charges. Once used, only an enchanted gem is left. A player can teleport to the Slayer Tower, Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Tarn’s Lair, Stronghold Slayer Cave, or Dark Beasts.

Each fully charged ring produces 600 coins when used with the high alchemy spell. However, the resulting number of coins drops by 6 for each used charge.

Slayer Ring
1x enchanted gem
1x gold bar