Slayer Helmet

Quick Facts

Requirements10 Defense, 55 Crafting
High Alchemy24,000
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeNo
Buy Limitn/a
POH StorageNo
OtherMalevolent Masquerade


The slayer helmet is assembled after spending 400 slayer points to unlock Malevolent Masquerade. It is crafted by combining several pieces of slayer equipment alongside a black mask. It requires 55 crafting to make.

This helmet provides the same defensive bonuses as the rune full helmet and provides all the benefits of the slayer items it is made from.

The benefits of the salve amulet will not stack with the slayer helm.


The slayer helmet can be upgraded with an imbue from Nightmare Zone which costs 1,250,000 points. The slayer helmet (i) extends the 16.67% melee boost to include range and magic.

Passive Effects

When worn on a slayer task, the helm provides a melee boost of 16.67% against slayer tasks.

Should the player want a 16.67% boost for ranged and magic, the helm must be imbued through Nightmare Zone.

The benefits of the salve amulet will not stack with the slayer helm’s passive effects.


Players must have 55 crafting (boostable) and a black mask, earmuffs, facemask, nose peg, spiny helmet, and enchanted gem.

With Malevolent Masquerade unlocked, players can use the black mask on one of the slayer items to create the helm. All pieces must be in the player’s inventory for this to work.

Stat Bonuses

-6 magic attack
-2 range attack
+30 stab defense
+32 slash defense
+27 crush defense
-1 magic defense
+30 range defense


With 1,000 slayer reward points, player’s can learn how to recolor the helmet.

Recolor NameUpgraded ItemRequired Item
King Black BonnetBlack Slayer HelmKBD Head
Kalphite KhatGreen Slayer HelmKQ Head
Unholy HelmetRed Slayer HelmAbyssal Head
Dark MantlePurple Slayer HelmDark Claw
Undead HeadTurquoise Slayer HelmVorkath’s Head
Use More HeadHydra Slayer HelmAlchemical Hydra Head
Twisted VisionTwister Slayer HelmTwisted Horns