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Crafting is broken down into several categories of activities.


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Spinning is the process in which a player turns raw material like wool, flax, and root into usable items with a spinning wheel.

Finished ItemLevelExperienceRaw Material
Ball of Wool12.5Wool
Bow String1015Flax
Crossbow String1015Sinew/Roots
Magic String1930Magic Root
Spinning Quick Reference


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Weaving is similar to spinning but uses a loom rather than a spinning wheel.

Finished ItemLevelExperienceRaw Material
Strip of Cloth1012Ball of Wool
Empty Sack2138Jute Fibre (4)
Drift Net2655Jute Fibre (4)
Basket3656Willow Branch (6)
Weaving Quick Reference


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Pottery is a technique used to turn soft clay into a number of objects using a potter’s wheel and a pottery oven.

Finished ItemLevelShaping XPFiring XP
Pie Dish71510
Empty Plant Pot192017.5
Pot Lid252020
Pottery Quick Reference

Leather Armour

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To craft leather armour, you will require a needle and thread along with some leather.

Finished ItemLevelXPRaw Material
Leather Gloves113.81x Soft Leather
Leather Boots716.251x Soft Leather
Leather Cowl918.51x Soft Leather
Leather Vambraces11221x Soft Leather
Leather Body14251x Soft Leather
Leather Chaps18271x Soft Leather
Hardleather Body28351x Hard Leather
Spiky Vambraces326Kebbit Claws
Coif38371x Soft Leather
Hard Leather Shield41702x Hard Leather
Studded Body41401x Soft Leather
Studded Chaps44421x Soft Leathe
Leather Armour Quick Reference

Dragonhide Armour

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Crafting dragonhide armour requires an OSRS membership. The process is identical to crafting leather armour but instead requires dragonhide.

Green D’hide Vambs57621x Green
Dragon Leather
Green D’hide Chaps601242x Green
Dragon Leather
Green D’hide Shield621242x Green
Dragon Leather,
Maple Shield,
15 Steel Nails
Blue D’hide Vambs66701x Blue
Dragon Leather
Blue D’hide Chaps681402x Blue
Dragon Leather
Blue D’hide Shield691402x Blue
Dragon Leather,
Yew Shield,
15 Mithril Nails
Blue D’hide Body712103x Blue
Dragon Leather
Red D’hide Vambs73781x Red
Dragon Leather
Red D’hide Chaps751562x Red
Dragon Leather
Red D’hide Shield761562x Red
Dragon Leather,
Magic Shield,
15 Adamant Nails
Red D’hide Body772343x Red
Dragon Leather
Black D’hide Vambs772341x Black
Dragon Leather
Black D’hide Chaps821722x Black
Dragon Leather
Black D’hide Shield831722x Black
Dragon Leather,
Redwood Shield,
15 Rune Nails
Black D’hide Body842583x Black
Dragon Leather
Dragonhide Armour Quick Reference

Snakeskin Armour

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Snakeskin armour is similar to both the leather and dragonleather crafting process but instead uses snake hides as a crafting material.

Finished ItemLevelExp.Skins
Snakeskin Boots45
Snakeskin Vambraces47358
Snakeskin Bandana48455
Snakeskin Chaps515012
Snakeskin Body535515
Snakeskin Shield561002
Snakeskin Armour Quick Reference

Yak-hide Armour

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Yak-hide can be obtained after starting The Fremennik Isles quest.

Finished ItemLevelExp.Yak-hide
Yak-hide Legs43321
Yak-hide Top46322
Yak-hide Armour Quick Reference


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Snelms can be crafted from the shells dropped by the snails in the Mort Myre swamp. You must use a chisel with the shell to create a snelm.

Blood’n’tar Snelm1532.5
Broken Bark Snelm1532.5
Bruise Blue Snelm1532.5
Myre Snelm1532.5
Ochre Snelm1532.5
Snelm Quick Reference

Crab Armour

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After beginning the Recipe for Disaster quest, you may craft crab armour. The crabs encountered during the quest drop the required material. The fresh crab shell makes the helmet while the fresh crab claw makes the crab claw.

Finished ItemLevelExp.
Crab Helmet1532.5
Crab Claw1532.5
Crab Armour Quick Reference


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Crafting glass items is also a members-only feature. You will need a glassblowing pipe, buckets of sand, soda ash, and a furnace. You must combine the buckets of sand and soda ash in a furnace to create molten glass.

Finished ItemLevelExp.
Beer Glass117.5
Candle Lantern419
Oil Lamp1225
Empty Fishbowl4252.5
Unpowered Orb4652.5
Lantern Lens4955
Light Orb8770
Glass Blowing Quick Reference


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You may cut gems with a chisel to gain crafting experience. It is a very efficient way to raise your crafting level but also expensive.

The gem quick reference can be found here.

Finished ItemLevelExp.
Red Topaz1625
Gem Cutting Quick Reference

Silver Jewelry

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Silver jewelry is made by using a cut semiprecious gem, a mold, and a silver bar in a furnace.

Finished ItemLevelExp.
Opal Ring110
Opal Necklace1635
Opal Bracelet2245
Opal Amulet2755
Jade Ring1332
Jade Necklace2554
Jade Bracelet2960
Jade Amulet3470
Topaz Ring1635
Topaz Necklace3270
Topaz Bracelet3875
Topaz Amulet4580
Silver Jewelry Quick Reference

Gold Jewelry

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Crafting gold jewelry requires a cut gem, a mold, a gold bar, and a furnace

Finished ItemLevelExp.
Gold Ring515
Gold Necklace620
Gold Bracelet725
Gold Amulet830
Sapphire Ring2040
Sapphire Necklace2255
Sapphire Bracelet2355
Sapphire Amulet2465
Emerald Ring2755
Emerald Necklace2960
Emerald Bracelet3065
Emerald Amulet3170
Ruby Ring3470
Ruby Necklace4075
Ruby Bracelet4280
Diamond Ring4385
Diamond Necklace5690
Diamond Bracelet5890
Diamond Amulet70100
Dragonstone Ring55100
Dragonstone Necklace72105
Dragonstone Bracelet72110
Dragonstone Amulet80150
Slayer Ring7515
Slayer Ring (eternal)7515
Onyx Ring67115
Onyx Necklace82120
Onyx Bracelet84125
Onyx Amulet90165
Zenyte Ring89150
Zenyte Necklace92165
Zenyte Bracelet95180
Zenyte Amulet98200
Gold Jewelry Quick Reference


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You may craft silver bolts and a variety of battlestaves.

Finished ItemsLevelExp.Materials
Silver Bolts (unf)2150Silver Bar
Water Battlestaff54100Battlestaff,
Water Orb
Earth Battlestaff58112.5Battlestaff,
Earth Orb
Fire Battlestaff62125Battlestaff,
Fire Orb
Air Battlestaff66137.5Battlestaff,
Air Orb
Crafted Weapon Quick Reference


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You will need a silver bar and a corresponding mold.

Finished ItemLevelExp.
Unstrung Symbol1650
Unstrung Emblem1750
Silver Quick Reference

Quest Rewards

QuestExp. RewardCrafting Req.
The Fremennik Exiles15,00065
The Hand in the Sand9,00049
Elemental Workshop II7,50020
Cabin Fever7,00045
Enakhra’s Lament7,00050
Elemental Workshop I5,00020
The Fremennik Isles5,00046
Shilo Village3,87520
The Slug Menace3,50030
The Great
Brain Robbery
Nature Spirit3,00018
The Fremennik Trials2,81240
The Giant Dwarf2,50012
Observatory Quest2,25010
Cold War2,00030
Enlightened Journey2,00036
In Aid of the Myreque2,00025
Shades of Mort’ton2,00020
Recipe for Disaster
(Skrach Uglogwee)
Murder Mystery1,406n/a
Animal Magnetism1,00019
The Golem1,00020
Making History1,00024
Tears of Guthix1,00020
Recipe for Disaster
(Goblin Generals)
Recipe for Disaster
(Pirate Pete)
Dwarf Cannon750n/a
In Search of
the Myreque
Misthalin Mystery600n/a
Tower of Life500n/a
Goblin Diplomacy200n/a
Sheep Shearer150n/a
Quests Granting Crafting Experience