Serpentine helm

Written by All, Grand Exchange


The serpentine helm is a craftable helmet which degrades with use. Like the Barrows helmets, 75 defense is required.

The helmet is charged with Zulrah’s scales and requires 11,000 scales to fully charge. The charge will last for 15 hours of combat and cost 2,222,000 gold coins to recharge.

If a player dies and loses the helmet in a PVP fight, any unused scales will appear on the floor along with the uncharged helmet.

The helmet can be colored with mutagens which are dropped by Zulrah. Players can use the magma mutagen to make the magma helm or the tanzanite mutagen to create the tanzanite helm. These variants are superficial and provide no additional bonuses.


Players with 52 crafting can use a chisel on a serpentine visage which results in a serpentine helm. This item grants 120 crafting experience.


ReleasedJanuary 2015
Made WithCrafting

Passive Effects

Immunity to venom and poison

Chance to deal venom to monsters with each successful hit

Stat Bonuses

-5 magic attack
-5 range attack
+52 stab defense
+55 slash defense
+58 crush defense
+50 range defense
+3 strength