Rune chainbody

A rune chainbody is a chainbody made of runite. To wear this chainbody, a player needs at least level 40 Defence. This piece of body armour is less resistant than the rune platebody in all stats except crush and magic and wearing it does not require completion of Dragon Slayer. For this reason it is commonly worn by players who have not finished said quest or who are fighting against monsters that use crush attacks. It is also useful for rangers since it has higher defence bonuses than the green d’hide body and it does not penalise ranged attack.

A player with 96 Smithing can make the chainbody by using three runite bars on an anvil, granting 225 Smithing experience. It can also be bought at Scavvo’s Rune Store in the Champions’ Guild, or for members, at Seddu’s Adventurer’s Store in Nardah.