Roe is a food and ingredient used in Barbarian Training to make some Barbarian mixes. It is obtained by using a knife to cut open Leaping salmon and Leaping trout, which are caught through Barbarian fishing with the Barbarian rod.

Roe can be used with the respective two dose potions to make Attack mix, Strength mix, Restore mix, Antipoison mix, and Relicym’s mix. All other Barbarian mixes require caviar as the additional ingredient. Roe can also be eaten to restore 3 hitpoints or used as bait to catch more fish while Barbarian fishing.

Players training fishing can either deposit the roe at a nearby bank such as the Bank Chest at Barbarian Assault for later use, or use the roe along with the fish offcuts as baits for more Barbarian fishing. Roe is only used as bait when there are no other fishing bait types or offcuts in the inventory.