Ring of Recoil

Quick Facts

High Alchemy540
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit10,000
POH StorageNo

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When worn, the ring of recoil is capable of returning 10% + 1 of an incoming attacks damage. At minimum, 1 damage will be dealt when hit. This effect occurs for both players and monsters.

After 40 hitpoints of damage the ring will shatter. The damage dealt is assigned to the character not the ring. If you’ve dealt 39 damage and alched the ring the new ring will shatter after dealing a single hitpoints damage. However, if you right click and choose to break it, the new ring will have the full 40 charges.

Damage is dealt to the player or monster that dealt the initial blow if in a multicombat situation.

Rings of recoil can be used to charge a ring of suffering to provide the same recoil effect, disregarding the need to carry multiple rings or switch them in combat, in addition to providing substantial defensive bonuses.


A ring of recoil is made by casting level-1 enchant on a sapphire ring.

Ring of Recoil
1x sapphire ring
1x cosmic rune
1x water rune


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