Red topaz machete

The red topaz machete is a relatively powerful scimitar-type weapon that does not have a level requirement to wield. One can be bought from Gabooty’s shop (after completion of the quest Jungle Potion) in Tai Bwo Wannai Village on Karamja for 2,400 (or 2000 if you are wearing Karamja gloves 1) trading sticks, or by trading with Safta Doc for 1,200 trading sticks, a gout tuber, and 3 cut or uncut red topaz.

It is commonly used by Defence and Obsidian maul pures due to its high attack and strength bonuses, as compared to similar weapons wieldable with 1 Attack, such as the iron scimitar. It should be noted that both Darklight and a Slayer’s staff have better bonuses for 1 Attack combat.