The Phoenix is a pet that can be received from opening a supply crate, which is obtained by subduing the Wintertodt with at least 500 points. It is a smaller version of the Desert Phoenix.

When a player receives the pet, it will automatically try to appear as their follower. At the same time, a red message in the chatbox will state You have a funny feeling like you’re being followed.

However, if a player receives a pet while having a follower out (for example, a cat), it will be placed into their inventory. When this occurs, the message in the chatbox will instead state You feel something weird sneaking into your backpack.

On death, if a player loses their pet (as a follower or in your inventory) it will wander around for 30 seconds before disappearing completely.

Players can pay a one-time fee of 500,000 coins to Probita in East Ardougne to have this pet insured. Should the pet be lost while insured, it can be reclaimed for 1,000,000 coins.

The base drop rate for the phoenix is 1/5,000 per roll. Because each supply crate gives a minimum of two independent rolls, the chance is effectively 1 – (4,999/5,000)2 = 9,999 / 25,000,000 or approximately % 0.039996.

However, for each extra 500 points gained after the first 500, players earn an additional roll on the drop table. For example, a player that gains 4,500 points will have a 1 – (4,999/5,000)10 = 0.2% (approximate) chance of obtaining a phoenix from the supply crate (Two rolls from the first 500, and another 8 from the additional 4,000 points).