Penance gloves

Penance gloves are a members-only item obtained from the Barbarian Assault minigame, which require a Defence level of 40 to wear. Players with 150 honour points in each of the four roles can purchase the gloves by speaking to Commander Connad, located on the main floor of the Barbarian Outpost. Players do not have to kill the Penance Queen to obtain the gloves.

The penance gloves are one of only two weight-reducing items for the gloves slot, the second being graceful gloves which do not require a specific defence level. The penance gloves provide a higher weight reduction (-4.5 kg) as compared to the graceful gloves (-3 kg). There is also a defence bonus provided by the penance gloves which, depending on which bonus is being sought after, is close to iron or steel gloves.

These gloves can be taken to Entrana.

Note: In OSRS the full penance set does not restore prayer, as the items were given prayer restoration with the Barbarian Assault Improvements on 19 January 2010.