An Oubliette is a room designed to be built below the Throne Room in conjunction with the Throne Room trap in a player-owned house. It can be built at level 65 Construction with 150,000 coins.

There are 6 hotspots available:
, The centre floor is where players fall into from a Throne Room. The Rocnar, Flame pit and spikes can be built without a cage. If you have already built a cage with a trap inside, both the cage and the contents inside must be removed to upgrade the trap.

To hold players dropping from a Throne Room above. Players have to pick the lock (using Thieving) of the gate, or force the lock (using Strength) of the gate, to get out. The stronger the cage, the harder it is for trapped victims to break out.

Players cannot open the cage from the outside, as the game will stop you from doing so. If you need to upgrade the contents inside the prison, you must remove the cage first.

Guards are activated when challenge mode (normal/PvP) is turned on and will attack nearby players. Spicy stew/Construction tea can be used to boost to the required level. The invisible bonus of the crystal saw does not work.

Ladder back up to Throne Room above if one is present.

House guests can use the ladder to climb back up. If challenge mode (normal/PvP) is enabled, only the house owner can use this ladder.

Warning: Make sure you do not instant click as you can remove the room completely!