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Necklace of anguish

0 11 months ago


The necklace of anguish is an offensive necklace which requires 75 hitpoints to equip. It offers the highest ranged attack bonus and represents the only neck slot item with a ranged strength bonus.

Players may enchant a zenyte necklace with the level-7 enchant spell. The spell itself requires a player to posses 93 magic and uses 20 soul runes, 20 blood runes, and 1 cosmic rune. Completing the enchantment will grant 110 magic experience per necklace.

Players are able to attach an anguish ornament kit — which can be found after completing a master clue scroll — to create a necklace of anguish (or). This modification is purely cosmetic. It may also be dismantled at any point.


ReleasedMay 2016

Stat Bonuses

+15 range attack
+5 range strength
+2 prayer