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Monkfish are fish which can be cooked to heal 16 hitpoints. They are fished in Piscatoris (AKQ) and require a fishing level of 62. You must also have completed Swan Song. They also require a cooking level of 62 to cook.

Each monkfish caught will yield 120 fishing experience and each fish cooked will grant 150 cooking experience.

It is possible to earn 200,000 experience per hour cooking monkfish with level 90 cooking with minimal burning.

Utilizing the cooking gauntlets at the Hosidious Kitchen, burning becomes much less likely.

Catching and cooking a monkfish is needed for the hard Western Provinces Diary.

Burnt monkfish has no use in-game.


ReleasedMay 2006
QuestFish: Yes
Heals16 HP

Drop Info

Green DragonUncommon
Kalphite QueenCommon
Chaos FanaticCommon


Fresh monkfish are caught while completing the Swan Song quest. These monkfish heal 1 HP when successfully cooked and then when consumed.

Players are required to have a fishing level of 62 to catch fresh monkfish, however, using fishing potions at level 59 fishing will suffice. An admiral pie also works at Fishing level 57.

During the quest, Arnold Lydspor asks the player to refill the food stocks. It is advisable to fish extra fresh monkfish due to the high likelihood of burning some when cooking.