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Maple tree

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Maple trees can be grown with farming and cut with woodcutting. The logs can be used with construction, fletching or firemaking. They appear as amber colored trees.

Maple trees are available to both members and free players.

Tree Locations

Woodcutting Guild11
Seers’ Village Bank (north)4
Seers’ Village Bank (south)5
Legends’ Guild6
Quartermaster Briget7
Hosidius Bank2
Sinclair Mansion24
McGrubor’s Wood42


A maple tree can be built into the garden of a player owned house with level 45 construction. This will give 122 experience to both construction and farming. This tree cannot be cut, though it can still be removed.


Players can grow maple trees by planting maple seeds. When fully grown, a healthy maple tree will grant the farmer 3,403.4 experience.

When the farmed tree is chopped, it will regenerate with time. Alternatively, a player may dig up the tree to harvest maple roots. Farmers might bring a basket of oranges to a nearby farmed to guarantee its regeneration.


Players can turn maple logs into a variety of items with the appropriate fletching level. Maple short-bows will yield 50 experience per bow while maple long-bows will result in 55 experience. The logs can also be cut into arrow shafts which will produce 20 experience and 60 shafts per log.


With level 45 firemaking, a user can use a tinderbox with a maple log to produce a fire. This will grant 135 firemaking experience.


Players must have level 45 woodcutting in order to chop a maple tree. They have a 1/8 chance of depleting when being cut and take 35 seconds to re-spawn. A player is granted 100 woodcutting experience per log.

Players often cut maple trees in Seers’ Village or at the Hosidius House in Great Kourend due to the nearby banks.

Maple logs grant bonus experience on a per log basis in Seers’ Village after completing the medium Kandarin Diary.