Lunar Staff

Quick Facts

Requirements65 Magic
High Alchemy0
Quest ItemLunar Diplomacy
General ExchangeNo
Buy Limitn/a
POH StorageNo


The lunar staff is a magic weapon from the lunar set which requires 65 magic. The staff is created during Lunar Diplomacy by taking a dramen staff and using it on the air, fire water, and earth altars. After completing the quest, it can be purchased from the Oneironmancer on Lunar Isles for 30,000 coins.

The lunar staff is essentially an enhanced dramen staff so it still allows players to access Zanaris and use fairy rings for transportation.

All lunar equipment is lost on death.

Stat Bonuses

+3 stab attack
+2 slash attack
+16 crush attack
+13 magic attack
+2 stab defense
+3 slash defense
+2 crush defense
+13 magic defense
+1 range defense
+15 strength
+3 prayer