Lumbridge & Draynor Diary

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RewardsExplorer’s Ring

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The Lumbridge and Draynor Diaries involve completing a set of challenges in 1 of 4 difficulties. To receive the rewards and benefits you must have completed the prior diary.

Completing each set of tasks offers increasingly beneficial rewards along with a unique item.


Complete a lap of the Draynor Village rooftop course10 Agility
Slay a cave bug in the Lumbridge swamp caves7 Slayer, Light source, Rope
Have Sedridor teleport you to the rune essence mineRune Mysteries
Craft some water runes5 Runecrafting, Rune or pure essence, Water talisman/tiara or Abyss
Learn your age from Hans in Lumbridgen/a
Pickpocket a man or woman in Lumbridgen/a
Chop and burn some oak logs in Lumbridge15 Woodcutting, 15 Firemaking, Any axe, Tinderbox
Kill a zombie in the Draynor sewersn/a
Catch some anchovies in Al Kharid15 Fishing, Small fishing net
Bake some bread on the Lumbridge castle kitchen rangeCook’s Assistant, Bread dough
Mine some iron ore at the Al Kharid mine15 Mining, Any pickaxe
Enter the HAM hideoutn/a
Lumbridge & Draynor Easy Diary


  • Explorer’s Ring 1
  • 30 casts of low level alchemy without runes (daily)
  • +50% run energy (2/day)
  • Antique Lamp (2,500 experience in any skill over 30)


Complete a lap of the Al Kharid rooftop course20 Agility
Grapple across the River Lum8 Agility, 19 Strength, 37 Ranged, Mith grapple, Crossbow
Purchase an upgraded device from AvaAnimal Magnetism, 50 Ranged, 999 coins or Ava’s Attractor and 75 steel arrows
Travel to the wizards’ tower by fairy ringFairytale II, Dramen or Lunar staff (DIS)
Cast the Lumbridge teleport spell31 Magic, 3 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law rune
Catch some salmon in Lumbridge30 Fishing, Fly fishing rod, Feathers
Craft a coif in the Lumbridge cow pen38 Crafting, Leather, Needle, Thread
Chop some willow logs in Draynor Village30 Woodcutting, Any axe
Pickpocket Marin the master gardener38 Thieving
Get a slayer task from ChaeldarLost City, 70 Combat, Dramen or lunar staff
Catch an essence or eclectic impling in Pure-PureLost City, 42 hunter, Dramen or lunar staff, Butterfly net, Impling jar
Craft some lava runes at the fire altar in Al Kharid23 Runecrafting, Fire talisman/tiara, Earth talisman, Earth runes, Pure essence, Binding necklace
Lumbridge & Draynor Medium Diary


  • Explorer’s Ring 2
  • +50% run energy (3/day)
  • Antique Lamp (7,500 experience in any skill over 40)
  • Access to Draynor Village wall shortcut (requires 42 agility)


Cast bones to peaches in Al Kharid palace60 Magic, 4 Earth, 4 Water, 2 Nature runes
Squeeze past the jutting wall on your way to the cosmic altarLost City, 42 Agility, Dramen or lunar staff, or Abyss
Craft 56 cosmic runes simultaneouslyLost City, 59 Runecrafting, 28 Pure essense, Cosmic Tiara or Abyss
Travel from Lumbridge to Edgeville on a waka canoe57 Woodcutting, Any axe
Collect at least 100 tears of Guthix in one visitTears of Guthix, Games necklace
Take the train from Dorgesh-Kaan to KeldagrimAnother Slice of H.A.M.
Purchase some Barrows gloves from the Culinaromancer’s ChestRecipe for Disaster, 175 Quest Points, 130,000 Coins
Pick some belladonna from the farming patch at Draynor manor63 Farming, Belladonna seed, Seed dibber, Spade, Rake, Any gloves
Light your mining helmet in the Lumbridge castle basement65 Firemaking, Tinderbox, Mining helmet
Recharge your prayer at Clan Wars with smite activated52 Prayer
Craft, string, and enchant an amulet of power in Lumbridge (not upstairs in castle)70 Crafting, 57 Magic, Gold bar, Cut diamond, Amulet mould, Ball of wool, 1 Cosmic, 10 Earth runes
Lumbridge & Draynor Hard Diary


  • Explorer’s Ring 3
  • +50% energy (4/day)
  • Unlimited teleports to cabbage patch near Falador farm
  • Shortcut from Lumbridge swamp to the desert
  • Improved experience from Tears of Guthix (+10%)


Steal from a Dorgesh-Kaan rich chestDeath to the Dorgeshuun, 78 Thieving, Lockpick
Pickpocket Movario on the Dorgesh-Kaan agility courseDeath to the Dorgeshuun, Temple of Ikov, 70 Agility, 70 Ranged, 70 Strength, Crossbow, Mith grapple, Light source
Chop some magic logs at the mage training arena75 Woodcutting, Any axe
Smith an adamant platebody down in Draynor sewer88 Smithing, 5 Adamantite bars, Hammer
Craft 140 or more water runes at once76 Runecrafting, 28 Rune or pure essence, Water tiara or Abyss
Perform the quest point cape emote in the Wise Old Man’s houseAll quests, Quest point cape
Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Diary


  • Explorer’s Ring 4
  • +100% run energy (3/day)
  • 30 casts of high level alchemy (daily)
  • Antique Lamp (50,000 experience in any skill over 70)
  • 6th block slot for slayer tasks
  • Discounted items in Curlinaromancer’s chest (20% off)
  • Use of fairy rings without dramen or lunar staff


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