Lovakite bar

A lovakite bar is a bar of refined lovakite ore. This is done by using a lovakite ore and 2 pieces of coal at the Lovakite furnace in Great Kourend, granting 20 Smithing experience.

It can be smelted with a Smithing level of 45 and 30% favour with the Lovakengj House in Great Kourend. Smithing Tier 1 Shayzien armour yields approximately 0.136% favour per bar, while smithing Tier 5 Shayzien armour yields approximately 0.682% favour per bar.

You cannot smelt this bar in a normal furnace. If you try, it’ll just say it’s not the right temperature. You must use the “Lovakite furnace” just south of the blast mining bank (accessible instantly by using Xeric’s talisman to teleport to Xeric’s Inferno). Alternatively, using Superheat Item will work as well.

There is a strange property of smelting Lovakite bars where coal can be directly pulled out of your coal bag. So if you keep 27 coal in your bag, 9 in your inventory, and 18 lovakite ore, you’ll be smelting the maximum per inventory, and you don’t have to shuffle the coal.