Kharedst’s Memoirs

Quick Facts

High Alchemy120
Quest ItemClient of Kourend
General ExchangeNo
Buy Limitn/a
POH StorageNo


Kharedst’s memoirs is a wieldable book that is used as a teleport item. It is a quest reward for completing Client of Kourend. Players can reclaim the book, if lost, by speaking to Veos on the Piscarilius docks.

The book is a gift from the last king of the Great Kourend, King Kharedst IV, who ruled the Kingdom for forty years from the 135th to 139th decade, to his daughter Rose. The memoirs inside contain the outings Rose experienced with her father.


The book requires torn pages which are obtained by completing quests in Great Kourend. Each page unlocks a unique location in one of the five cities. Each torn page results in 8 teleport charges and increases the maximum number of charges.

To recharge the book, players must inspect the Old Memorial located north of Land’s End. Teleporting to the Kourend Woodland with Rada’s Blessing will bring you just south of this location.

Each charge requires 1 law, 1 body, and 1 soul rune. Each charge also grants 10 magic experience.

This item will not teleport you past level 20 wilderness.

Stat Bonuses

+1 prayer


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