Impling jar


An impling jar is a treated butterfly jar. They are used to catch implings with the minimigame Impetuous Impulses.

The following implings can be captured with this jar:

  • Baby Impling
  • Young Impling
  • Gourmet Impling
  • Earth Impling
  • Essence Impling
  • Eclectic Impling
  • Nature Impling
  • Magpie Impling
  • Ninja Impling
  • Dragon Impling
  • Lucky Impling


ReleasedJune 2007

You can acquire these jars a number of ways.

You can ask Elnock Inquisitor if he has any spare equipment, however, this will only work once.

You can also trade Elnock a captured impling for 3 additional jars.

You can buy them from other players or use a jar generator or you can cast the Hunter Kit lunar spell for a hunter kit which includes an impling jar.

You may also make one if you have 8 anchovy pastes, flowers, a vial, and a butterfly jar.

You will need to grind up cooked anchovies with a pestle and mortar to make the anchovy paste.

Then you will need to use a sieve on the anchovy paste with a vial in inventory to produce anchovy oil.

Then add the flowers to the vial to make imp repllent.

Use the vial with the lamp oil still at the Chemist’s House which is found in Rimmington.

Now use the butterfly jar with the lamp oil still.