Herbiboars inhabit the Mushroom Forest on Fossil island where they can be hunted for herbs that grow on their back. Doing so requires level 80 Hunter to be tracked in addition to level 31 Herblore to harvest their herbs.

Since only the beginning step of tracking a herbiboar requires 80 Hunter, hunter potions and spicy stews can be used to temporarily boost from level 77 or level 75, respectively; however, doing so will grant less experience since it scales depending on the base Hunter level of the player.

The number of herbiboars the player has tracked is reported after harvesting its herbs, but players can also check by using the “check count” option on the rock, mushroom, or log used at the start of every tracking.

To begin Tracking a herbiboar, inspect the rock, mushroom, or log next to the hunter icon on the minimap. Continue by inspecting seaweed, rocks, muddy patches, and mushrooms around the area to find more tracks until a tunnel containing a herbiboar is revealed. Note: A ring of pursuit cannot be used to track herbiboars. Additionally, the player has a chance to fail at tracking down the creature. When this occurs, a message will appear in the chatbox, stating: The creature has successfully confused you with its tracks, leading you round in circles. You’ll need to start again.

Warning: The herbiboar will disappear if a new track is started before collecting its herbs.

Each inspection grants 50 experience and occasionally gives numulite or unidentified fossils. Once the player attacks the tunnel, herbs can be harvested from the herbiboar and experience is gained which scales depending on the Hunter level of the player. The base value granted is 1,950 xp with 30 additional experience gained per Hunter level above 80 until level 95. Afterwards, 19 additional experience is gained per level from 95 to 99 Hunter.1
, Harvesting from the herbiboar earns the player experience, herbs, and a chance to obtain the pet Herbi. Herblore xp depends upon the amount of herbs collected which can be increased by using magic secateurs; however, the passive ability of the farming cape will not work when collecting herbs from the herbiboar.

Expect to have an average of 2.56 trail inspection rolls per herbiboar.

The quality of Herbs dropped by the Herbiboar are determined by your Herblore level. Quantity of herbs dropped does not scale with levels2. No in depth analysis exists yet.