Heraldic helmet (Construction)

A heraldic helmet is a decorative steel, adamant or rune full helm. Players can paint them on a pluming stand, shield easel, or banner easel in a player-owned house if they have level 38 Crafting or higher and have been assigned a crest by Sir Renitee in the White Knights’ Castle. Sir Renitee will not assign a crest unless the player has level 16 Construction or above. A player’s first crest assignment is free, and it costs 5k to change their crest to another one. It should be noted that some crests have other requirements; such requirements are detailed below. Players can use a pluming stand in another player’s house if they do not have one in theirs. The helmets have exactly the same stats as their regular counterparts.

If a player is killed by another player, the helm will convert into a steel/adamant/rune full helm if it is not protected upon death, depending on the helm the player used to make the heraldic helm.

Note: The Saradomin and Zamorak heraldic helmets will NOT offer protection in the God Wars Dungeon as they are made by the player, not blessed or ‘recognised’ by the gods.