Goldsmith gauntlets

Goldsmith gauntlets are one of the three possible glove rewards from Family Crest quest, along with Cooking gauntlets and Chaos gauntlets. They can be obtained by bringing the magical steel gauntlets (along with 25,000 gold) to Avan, who can be found in the Al Kharid mine. The message “Avan takes your gauntlets, takes out a small hammer, and pounds them into a slightly new shape, then hands them to you.” appears as this happens. The Goldsmith gauntlets increases the experience gained from smelting gold ore into a gold bar. The experience is about 2.5 times as much as without the gauntlets.

When equipped, a player will receive 56.2 experience per gold bar.

Casting the Superheat Item spell on a gold ore while wearing the gauntlet gives 56.2 Smithing experience and 53 Magic experience.

When lost, a player can re-obtain the gauntlets for no charge from Dimintheis in Varrock.

After a player has completed the mini quest Family Pest, they may own all three forms of the Family Crest gauntlets.