Garden pie

Garden pies are made using the Cooking skill at cooking level 34. Like all pies, garden pie is eaten in two bites. Each bite heals 6 hitpoints. However, garden pies also have the added effect of temporarily boosting the user’s Farming level by 3. They are a useful way to use the low level vegetables that players accumulate by training the Farming skill. In the Cooking Guild, Romily Weaklax may ask the player to make him some garden pies but will only pay 112gp each. Garden pies may also be bought from him for 24 coins.

Romily Weaklax sells 2 garden pies for 24gp
, To make a garden pie, you must add one tomato, one onion and one cabbage to your pie dish filled with pastry dough. Please note that using a cabbage obtained from Draynor Manor will not work.

Baking a garden pie gives 138 Cooking experience.