Fremennik Diaries

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RewardsFremennik Sea Boots

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The Fremennik Diaries involve completing a set of challenges in 1 of 4 difficulties. To receive the rewards and benefits you must have completed the prior diary.

Completing each set of tasks offers increasingly beneficial rewards along with a unique item.


Catch a cerulean twitch11 Hunter, Bird snare, Lunar or Dramen staff for ring DKS
Change your boots at Yrsa’s shoe storeThe Fremennik Trials, 500 Coins
Kill 5 rock crabsWeapon
Craft a tiara from scratch in Rellekka23 Crafting, 20 Mining, 20 Smithing, Tiara mould, Pickaxe
Browse the stonemason’s shop (west Keldagrim)The Giant Dwarf
Collect 5 snape grass on Waterbirth IslandThe Fremennik Trials or 1,000 coins
Steal from the Keldagrim crafting or baker’s stallThe Giant Dwarf, 5 Thieving
Fill a bucket with water at the Rellekka wellBucket
Enter the Troll StrongholdTroll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Climbing boots
Chop and burn some oak logs in the Fremennik province (near house portal)15 Woodcutting, 15 Firemaking, Axe, Tinderbox
Fremennik Easy Diary


  • Fremennik Sea Boots 1
  • One free teleport to Rellekka (daily)
  • Antique Lamp (2,500 experience in any skill over 30)
  • Peer the Seer will act as a bank deposit box
  • Fossegrimen will give your enchanted lyre an extra charge


Slay a brine ratOlaf’s Quest, 47 Slayer, Weapon, Spade, Food
Travel to the snowy hunter area via eagleEagle’s Peak, Rope
Mine some coal in RellekkaThe Fremennik Trials, 30 Mining, Pickaxe
Steal from the Rellekka fish stallsThe Fremennik Trials, 42 Thieving
Travel to Miscellania by fairy ringThe Framennik Trials, Fairytale II, Dramen or Lunar staff (CIP)
Catch a snow knight35 Hunter, Butterfly net, Butterfly jar
Pick up your pet rock from your POH menagerieThe Fremennik Trials, 37 Construction, Pet rock
Visit the lighthouse from Waterbirth IslandHorror from the Deep, The Fremennik Trials, Pet rock or second player, Runethrown axe if solo, Food, Armour, Potions, Prayer
Mine some gold at the Arzinian mineBetween a Rock.., 40 Mining, Pickaxe, Gold helmet, 2 Gold coins, Ring of charos (a)
Fremennik Medium Diary


  • Fremennik Sea Boots 2
  • Antique Lamp (7,500 experience in any skill over 40)
  • Shortcut from Miscellania to Etceteria dock
  • Improved efficiency when gaining approval on Miscellania


Teleport to TrollheimEadgar’s Ruse, 61 Magic, 2 Fire, 2 Law runes
Catch a sabre-toothed kyatt55 Hunter, Teasing stick, Logs, Axe, Knife
Mix a super defense potion in the Fremennik province66 herblore, Vial of water, Cadantine, White berries
Steal from the Keldagrim gem stallThe Giant Dwarf, 75 Thieving
Craft a Fremennik shield on NeitiznotThe Fremennik Isles, 56 Woodcutting, Axe, 2 Artic pine logs, Hammer, 1 Rope, 1 Bronze nail
Mine 5 adamantite ores on JatizsoThe Fremennik Isles, 70 mining, Pickaxe
Obtain 100% support from your kingdom subjectsThrone of Miscellania, Any axe
Teleport to Waterbirth IslandLunar Diplomacy, 72 Magic, 1 Water, 2 Astral, 1 Law rune
Obtain the blast furnace foreman’s permission to use the blast furnace for freeThe Giant Dwarf, 60 Smithing
Fremennik Hard Diary


  • Fremennik Sea Boots 3
  • Antique Lamp (15,000 experience in any skill over 50)
  • Ability to change enchanted lyre teleport destination to Waterbirth Island
  • Aviansies in the God Wars Dungeon drop noted adamantite bars
  • Troll Stronghold roof shortcut (requires 73 agility)
  • Stony basalt teleport destination changed to the roof of Troll Stronghold (requires 73 agility)
  • Access to 2 new lunar spells (Tan leather, Recharge Dragonstone)


Kill each of the dagannoth kingsWeapon, Armour, Food
Craft 56 astral runes at onceLunar Diplomacy, 82 Runecrafting, 28 Pure essense
Create a dragonstone amulet in the Neitiznot furnaceThe Fremennik Isles, 80 Crafting, Dragonstone, Gold bar, Amulet mould, Chisel
Complete a lap of the Rellekka rooftop course80 Agility
Kill each of the God Wars Dungeon generalsTroll Stronghold, 70 Agility, 70 Strength, 70 HP, 70 Ranged, Weapon, Armour, Food
Slay a spiritual mage within the God Wars DungeonTroll Stronghold, 83 Slayer, Weapon, Armour, Food
Fremennik Elite Diary


  • Fremennik Sea Boots 4
  • Unlimited teleports to Rellekka
  • Antique Lamp (50,000 in any skill over 70)
  • Dagannoth bones drop noted
  • The enchanted lyre now teleports to Jatizso and Neitiznot
  • Faster approval in Miscellania
  • Seal of passage is no longer required
  • Access to the return orb inside the Lunar Isle bank


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