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December 4, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Hi everyone (well, currently no one).

My name is Shane and I started playing RS in 2001. I played religiously until 2009 when I joined the Army. I just started playing again after the launch of the OSRS mobile app. I figure Jagex will support old school for a while providing the app is well received.

I have had a number of accounts over the years. Most were focused on pking. This time around I am building a skiller. The end goal is to max all non-combat skills. I also am aiming for 99 hp at 25 combat which is unlikely to ever happen but is worth attempting. I am currently 25 hp and have been focusing on crafting and smithing. They will likely be my first 99s this time around.

Other than that, I am from Connecticut. Nothing too exciting.