Dust devil

Written by All, Grand Exchange


A dust devil is a monster found in the Smoke Dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend.

Dust devils will be not assigned as a slayer task until Desert Treasure has been started. They require a slayer level of 65 to kill.


A facemask or slayer helmet should be worn when fighting a dust devil. They use clouds of dust to blind and choke their victims.


ReleasedApril 2005


Catacombs of Kourend – Level 110 Dust Devils can be found here. They have 130 hitpoints and a higher damage potential.

Smoke Dungeon – Players must have started Desert Treasure to gain access. A facemask or slayer helmet must be equipped in this area or damage will be taken rapidly.


Dust Battlestaff11/4000
Dragon Chainbody11/32768
Dragon Spear11/87381
Dragon Left Half11/65536
Dragon Dagger11/128
Mystic Earth Staff11/128
Mystic Air Staff11/128
Black d’hide Vambraces11/128
Earth Battlestaff11/64
Air Battlestaff11/64
Red d’hide Vambraces11/64
Rune Dagger11/64
Adamant Axe11/42.66
Rune Arrows121/25.6
Rune Spear11/32768
Rune Javelin11/2048
Soul Runes501/128
Fire Runes501/128
Soul Rune201/32
Chaos Runes801/18.28
Fire Runes3001/12.8
Earth Runes3001/12.8
Dust Runes2001/12.8
Grimy Dwarf Weed11/682.7
Grimy Lantadyme11/682.7
Grimy Cadantine11/512
Grimy Kwuarm11/409.6
Grimy Avantoe11/341.3
Grimy Irit Leaf11/256
Grimy Ranarr Weed11/186.1
Grimy Harralander11/146.3
Grimy Tarromin11/113.7
Grimy Marrentill11/85.3
Grimy Guam Leaf11/64
Tooth Half of Key11/2048
Loop Half of Key11/2048
Uncut Diamond11/682.6
Uncut Ruby11/256
Uncut Emerald11/128
Uncut Sapphire11/64
Nature Talisman11/682.6
Adamantite Bar4 (noted)1/128
Ugthanki Kebab41/64
Mithril Bar10 (noted)1/42.66
Brimstone Key11/109
Ancient Shard11/246.6
Dark Totem Base11/370
Dark Totem Middle11/370
Dark Totem Top11/370