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Drift net


A drift net requires 47 fishing and 44 hunter and can be used to catch fish shoals in the underwater found on Fossil Island.

To drift net fish, players must first speak with Ceto who can be found just north of the underwater anchor-rope.

200 numulite are required as payment to enter the area and allowance lasts for a full day.

Players can also pay a fee of 20,000 numulite to gain permanent access.

Players can store up to 2,000 drift nets by speaking to Annette inside the the instanced area.

Drift nets can be strung up underwater to catch fish shoals over time. Players can then chase fish shoals into the drift nets. Each fish shoal fills the net up by 10% and gives hunter and fishing experience based on a player’s current levels.

With a merfolk trident equipped, players will find it easier to scare fish shoals into drift nets.

Upon harvesting a fully stocked net, the drift net will be destroyed, leaving just the reward behind. Anchovies, sardine, tuna, lobster, swordfish, shark, oysters, pufferfish, and numulite are all possible rewards from the net in varying amounts.

Manta rays and sea turtles can also be obtained, given that they have the fishing level to catch them.

Players can use the bank option when the harvest interface is open to bank all the fish caught for a fee of 5 numulite.


They are crafted with a loom and two jute fibers which gives 55 crafting experience.


ReleasedSeptember 2017
Made WithCrafting