Dragon Harpoon

Quick Facts

Requirements60 attack, 61 Fishing
High Alchemy33,000
Quest ItemNo
General ExchangeYes
Buy Limit5
POH StorageNo


The dragon harpoon is a possible reward from the Chambers of Xeric minigame. It can be used as a weapon and a fishing tool. It requires 60 attack to wield and 61 fishing to catch fish. It catches fish about 20% faster when compared to the standard harpoon.

This item does have a special attack, Fishstabber, which provides a visible +3 fishing boost. Each use consumes 100% of the player’s special attack energy and must be equipped to use.

A smouldering stone can be combined with the dragon harpoon to create and infernal harpoon which requires 75 fishing and 85 cooking. Boosts are not allowed to meet these requires nor can the process be undone. The infernal harpoon offers a 33% chance of consuming the caught fish for cooking experience. After it has consumed 5,000 fish it will require another smouldering stone or dragon harpoon to recharge it.

Stat Bonuses

+38 stab attack
+32 slash attack
-1 slash defense
+42 strength