Dragon battleaxe

The dragon battleaxe is the second-strongest battleaxe available, only behind the leaf-bladed battleaxe. It can only be wielded by members who have at least 60 Attack and who have completed the Heroes’ Quest.

It can be bought at Happy Heroes’ H’emporium in the Heroes’ Guild and the Myths’ Guild for 200,000 coins.

As with all dragon weapons, players cannot make this item through the Smithing skill.

The dragon battleaxe has a special attack, Rampage; when toggled, the player character immediately hefts the weapon above their head, consuming 100% of their special attack energy. This drains the player’s Attack, Defence, Ranged, and Magic levels by 10%, while increasing their Strength level by 10 + (levels drained / 4). The strength boost is comparable to that of a super strength potion. However, depending on the player’s combat levels and preexisting boosts, it can raise strength by up to +21.

This accounts for the popularity of this weapon; although it is seldom used in combat, it is entirely possible to use Rampage for a strength boost and then revert to a primary melee weapon. The drained stats can be recovered using a restore potion.

Alternatively, drinking from a fancy/ornate rejuvenation pool eliminates the hefty stat penalties and special energy cost of Rampage while retaining the strength boost.