Bows and Arrows

Requirements | Bows | Arrows Requirements LVL Unlocks 1 Bows: Cursed Goblin, Rain Bow, Training Bow, Shortbow, Longbow, Starter BowArrows: Training Arrows, Bronze Arrows, Iron Arrows 5 Bows: Oak Shortbow, Oak Longbow, Signed Oak BowArrows: Steel Arrows 20 Bows: Willow Shortbow, Willow Longbow, Willow Comp BowArrows: Mithril Arrows 30 Bows: Maple Shortbow, Maple Longbow, Ogre… Continue reading Bows and Arrows

Broad bolts

Quick Facts Requirements 65 Slayer, 61 Range Upgradeable No High Alchemy 33 Members Yes Quest Item No General Exchange Yes Buy Limit 7,000 Store No POH Storage No Other n/a General Broad bolts are that require a slayer level of at least 65 and a ranged level of at least 61 to equip. They can… Continue reading Broad bolts