Bows and Arrows

Requirements | Bows | Arrows Requirements LVL Unlocks 1 Bows: Cursed Goblin, Rain Bow, Training Bow, Shortbow, Longbow, Starter BowArrows: Training Arrows, Bronze Arrows, Iron Arrows 5 Bows: Oak Shortbow, Oak Longbow, Signed Oak BowArrows: Steel Arrows 20 Bows: Willow Shortbow, Willow Longbow, Willow Comp BowArrows: Mithril Arrows 30 Bows: Maple Shortbow, Maple Longbow, Ogre… Continue reading Bows and Arrows


Quick Facts This page covers food that restores hitpoints. It does not cover secondary effects like stat boosts or cooking requirements. Meat & Fish | Vegetable | Gnome Cooking | Pie | Stew | Cake | Pizza | Other Meat & Fish Item Heals Manta Ray 22 Dark Crab 22 Anglerfish 3-22 Sea Turtle 21… Continue reading Food


Quick Facts Allotment | Flower | Herb | Bush | Hops | Tree | Fruit Tree | Special | Anima | Cactus Allotment Patch Level Seed Protection Time Exp. 1 Potato Marigold, White Lily, or 2x Compost 4x 10m 98 5 Onion Marigold, White Lily,or 1x Sack of Potatoes 4x 10m 114.5 7 Cabbage Rosemary,… Continue reading Seeds


Skilling Pets | Variations | Boss Pets | Other Pets Skilling Pets These pets are obtained while training their corresponding skill. Pet Skill Baby Chinchompa Hunting Chinchompas Beaver Woodcutting Giant Squirrel Agility Heron Fishing Rift Guardian Runecraft Rock Golem Mining Rocky Thieving Tangleroot Farming Skilling Pet Quick Reference Skilling Pet Variations Rock golems can be… Continue reading Pets

Skill Capes

Quick Facts Skill Cape Perk Agility Graceful cape substitute, recharges 100% run and1 minute of stamina pot effect (daily). Attack No warrior guild tokens are required to access the cyclopes. Const. Unlimited teleports to PoH or any PoH portal. Cooking Food never burns and grants access to cooks’ guild. Crafting Unlimited crafting guild teleports and… Continue reading Skill Capes


Quick Facts Gem Finished Products Opal Amulet of bounty,Expeditious bracelet,Dodgy necklace,Ring of pursuit,Bolt tips Jade Amulet of chemistry,Flamtaer bracelet,Necklace of passage,Ring of returning,Bolt tips Red Topaz Burning amulet,Bracelet of slaughter,Necklace of faith,Efaritay’s aid,Bolt tips Sapphire Amulet of magic, Bracelet of clay,Games necklace,Ring of recoil,Sapphire lantern,Bolt tips Emerald Amulet of nature,Amulet of defense,Castle wars bracelet,Binding necklace,Ring… Continue reading Gems


Quick Facts Type Use Air Rune Elemental rune Fire Rune Elemental rune Water Rune Elemental rune Earth Rune Elemental rune Law Rune Teleportation spells Nature Rune Transmutation spells Cosmic Rune Enchantment spells Astral Rune Lunar spells Body Rune Curse spells (low level) Soul Rune Curse spells (high level)Teleportation spells Mind Rune Missile spells (low level)… Continue reading Runes