Cape Racks

Quick Facts

Construction54, 63, 72, 81, 90, 99
RoomCostume Room
HotspotCape Rack

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The cape rack is built in the costume room and stores a variety of capes.

For a full list of storables, visit the wiki.


In addition to the required materials, you must also have a saw and hammer in inventory.

Oak Cape Rack (240 experience)
54 construction
4x oak planks

Teak Cape Rack (360 experience)
63 construction
4x teak planks

Mahogany Cape Rack (560 experience)
72 construction
4x mahogany planks

Gilded Cape Rack (860 experience)
81 construction
4x mahogany planks
1x gold leaf

Marble Cape Rack (500 experience)
90 construction
1x marble block

Magic Cape Rack (1,000 experience)
99 construction
1x magic stone


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