Cactus spine

Cactus spines are a Herblore ingredient and common Farming crop.

Alternate ways to obtain cactus spines include looting nature impling jars which can be obtained through the Hunter skill, or by killing the Kalphite Queen or Scorpia, both of which may drop 10 noted cactus spines.

With level 55 Farming, they can be harvested from a grown cactus in the Al Kharid cactus patch, granting 25 Farming experience for each spine. The spines regrow if the cactus is not removed. Six Cadava berries are required to protect the patch from disease.
, One cactus can produce a minimum of 3 spines, where the Farming level reduces the chance of using up one of the three “lives” of the cactus patch, much like harvesting herb patches. The chance is 75% at level 55, linearly decreasing to 30% at level 99. On average, the player can expect around 10 spines at 99 Farming. Compost, supercompost, ultracompost, Farming cape and magic secateurs do not currently have an effect on the yield.1
, Players may pay a farmer 10 spines to care for a Yew tree. Buying the spines and seeds on the Grand Exchange, the payment would cost 20,390, and the yew seed would cost 75,506.

Spines are the primary ingredient to make weapon poison+, with red spider’s eggs as the secondary.