Butterfly net

A butterfly net is an item used in training the Hunter skill. As the name might suggest, it is wielded to capture butterflies, and implings throughout Gielinor and Puro-Puro. A player must have level 15 Hunter in order to wield the butterfly net, from which point it can be used as a “fun” weapon. There are many variations of the butterfly net which provide special bonuses or experience boosts to the player.

Nets can be purchased at low prices from the Hunter shops in Yanille and Nardah for 24 coins. You can also obtain one for free at Land’s End in Zeah, in one of the boxes in the town. They may also be obtained through the hunter kit which is obtained using a level 71 spell in the Lunar spellbook. In order to make use of the net, butterfly jars are also needed; they could also be bought from Hunter shops for 1 coin each.

Players can right-click their butterfly nets to track how many implings they have caught inside Puro-Puro and the surface world. Implings that are caught barehanded are also tracked on this log.